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Hills offroad sessions road speed HS

The Road Run lasts for about an hour and each paced group will do a distance appropriate to them; the steady group do about 4.5 miles, two groups run about 6 miles and the speedy group covering about 7.5 miles.


We have a few routes for these and are looking at new routes all the time that can accommodate our numbers with safety.  The four groups do not necessarily do the same route, although we start and finish at the same place to compare notes!


This run can also provide a session which is similar to tempo running where you could push yourself to run for a prolonged time at a fairly high intensity and prepare yourself for maintaining a high pace during races.    


Sometimes a group agrees to use this session to do progression runs, increasing the pace gradually up at specified points, then bringing it back down gradually on the return, whereas other groups agree to take the run at an easy pace making the most of the company!