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Smiletastic in February - how it works....


Now I’ve got you all motivated and running, I think it’s time I tightened up some of the rules and extended the ways in which you can earn those extra points.


So looking at the “normal” part of Smiletastic…

In February, each runner can earn 10 points per week by running their pledged number of runs per week – exactly the same as January.  I hope you will all be a little more truthful about the number of runs you are specifying for each week so we get fewer sandbaggers (although I admit to being one most weeks!). I will NOT allow anyone to seet the same number as in January if they have regularly sandbagged!


In addition, each runner can earn 10 points per week for running a specified long run each week of at least 4 miles (slight change from original rules- sorry!).  To prevent anyone from setting this so short it becomes an automatic 10 points, I am going to specify that you can only get 10 points if your longest run is within 10% of the distance you pledged.  If it is more than 10% shorter OR more than 10% longer, then you lose that percentage of the 10 points.

Eg.  If you say you are going to run a longest run of 10 miles and you run anything between 9 and 11 miles, you will get the 10 points.  If you run 8.5 miles you will lose 1.5 points.  If you run 12 miles you will lose 2 points…. See?

If I suspect ANYONE to be stopping their watch and immediately restarting it as a new run to avoid losing points – I will be knocking on your door with an enormous bag of sand to tie round your legs before you can say “SANDBAGGER!”


You can submit your distances in km if that helps.  My spreadsheet will convert them.

SMILETASTIC 2016 - FEBRUARY Information and Rules

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Bonus points for February

I’m keeping the pre7am/post8pm bonus points, the subzero (and post 28C) bonus points and the timed-run/race team point as well as the elevation per mile team point.  As in January, you need to claim for the first three but the elevation is taken from your Strava records.


Please email your pledges by 8:00pm on 27 January 2016 at the latest, giving the following information:


      •How many runs you are challenging yourself to do in each of the weeks starting: 1 Feb, 8 Feb, 15 Feb, 22 Feb.

      •The distance in miles of the LONGEST run you are challenging yourself to do in EACH of the weeks starting: 1 Feb, 8 Feb, 15 Feb, 22 Feb.  and it MUST be at least 4 miles but it can be a different distance every week.



1.  To be submitted by 8:00pm on Monday 15 February

Feb 8th is the Chinese New Year and is the start of the year of the Fire Monkey.  When you run downhill you should have your arms hanging loose like a monkey…. So I’ve set up a Strava segment for you to run down… like a monkey on fire.  

       •The challenge is for as many of your team as possible to run DOWN the segment before midnight on 14 February 2016.  If you complete it, your run will be on the Strava leaderboard so you don’t need to tell me.  

       •A map showing the segment will be published on the website and on a pdf on the Facebook page by the start of the week beginning 1 Feb.

       •Points will be awarded for those who complete it as a percentage of the members of the team who use Strava. People in your team who do not LIVE in Sheffield area will not be counted in this challenge (sorry).

       •The team with the largest percentage of members running the segment will get 5 points, the next 4 points… etc.

       •There are NO POINTS for positions on the leaderboard so its nothing to do with pace!!    


2.To be submitted by 8:00pm on Monday 22 February

Feb 14th is Valentines Day. Strava Art provides us with a new artform.   Your job is to draw a heart by running.  Each person can submit the Strava address/URL for ONE run where they think a heart shape can be CLEARLY seen.  

       •Only ONE submission per runner will be looked at and only accepted if the run information is sent by email.  

       •The run MUST have taken place in February 2016

       •The Strava Address MUST be given for your drawing run or I won’t be able to see it!  No address = No point.

       •If I can’t see the heart, you DON’T get a point!  Sorry – I realise that’s a bit subjective but there has to be a limit.

       •These points are individual points, but I’m afraid are only available to those who use Strava – unless you can find a different way of showing me what you ran!!

       •“Best” drawings will be published to all participants.


3.To be submitted by 8:00pm on Monday 29 February

As anyone who listens to the podcast Marathon Talk will know, a Royal Flush is a run during which each consecutive mile is run at a faster pace than the mile before.  


       •Each team can submit ONE run which in their opinion is the best example of a Royal Flush run during February

       •Teams can sort out HOW they’ll decide on the best amongst themselves!

       •Submissions will be ranked based on the distance the Royal Flush was maintained and the appropriateness of the pace that it was run at (to stop anyone bunny hopping the first mile, skipping the second, jogging the third and only starting to run at the fourth!).  

       •Teams may submit a run during which a Royal Flush occurred even if it wasn’t maintained right to the end, or even right from the beginning, but obviously this would not be as attractive as one where it’s maintained throughout!

       •The BEST team submission will get 10 points, the next 8 points etc.  No submission = no points!

       •Only ONE submission – the first to be emailed to me – will be accepted from each team.  So don’t let anyone send one to me without the rest of the team agreeing!!

       •The Strava address/URL must be emailed to me so I can easily get to check the run’s details.



1. How do the timed run points work?


I allow only ONE point per team per event and only ONE timed run point per person per week, in my spreadsheet.  If someone does TWO timed runs, I look to give their team whichever point hasn’t been covered by anyone else.


At the moment, my spreadsheet doesn’t allow me to give the team a second point from any one person in a week.  So if someone does two timed runs and NO ONE else in their team does either of them, at the moment the team only gets ONE of the points.



2.  Can timed runs be incorporated into your longest run (eg. Run a parkrun, pause your watch, then continue for another 3 miles to cover 6 miles in total)


The answer is Yes!  Smiletastic is about motivating you to actually get out and run the long runs, it’s not trying to make you do anything additional to what you challenge yourself to do.  You will still have to email me to tell me that you’ve done the timed run, but you don’t have to tell me your longest distance – Strava does that.



3.  Can you change your pledged Longest Distance?


Yes, provided you email me with your new distance before midnight on the Sunday before the week starts.

Royal Flush:  Check every run you do to see if you’ve got any consecutive number of miles (or km) each getting faster than the last. BUT only one per team – so you’ll have to consult…. Somehow!


Example: if you look at Strava run: https://www.strava.com/activities/491084033

                    Mile     pace

                     4          9:58

                     5          9:50 (8 seconds faster)

                     6          9:43 (7 seconds faster)

                     7          9:33 (10 seconds faster)

                     8          9:32 (2 seconds faster)

                     9          9:31  (1 seconds faster)


A “good” Royal Flush would be one where there is a clear and noticeable difference between each mile’s pace – say running about 10 to 15 seconds faster each mile.  What I’ve given you is a theoretically correct Royal Flush, but actually allowing for the elevation, is probably really the same pace!


I will be judging them on the number of consecutive miles you’ve done, the pace difference between each mile AND the elevation of the run.  (It’s easy to run slow uphill and faster down!)

I will allow kilometres – although I think that my Strava settings are such that it converts it to miles before I see the run, so you may need to check this before submitting your team’s Royal Flush!


Oh and RUNNING ONLY!!  NO cars, helicopters, bikes, or any other method of speeding things up.


Royal Flushes must be submitted by 8pm on Monday 29 February 2016 – plenty of time…. But not as easy as you think!!