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March Challenge 2 (to be submitted by 8:00pm Monday 21 March 2016.)


I saw how much you loved doing the Strava Art…. So….. In the first three weeks of March with Easter coming up, I want a “picture” of an Easter Bunny …. Over to your imaginations, map skills and running concentration!  If you want to be really clever, try doing it in pairs and use flyby!


Points will be awarded to teams based on the percentage of each one submitting a Strava Bunny Drawing.

SMILETASTIC 2016 - MARCH Information and Rules

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March Challenge 3  - Mad March Hares!  


I’ve set up 5 Strava segments.  Each one starts with the words “Smiletastic 2016”. (see links at top of page)


By the end of the first two weeks (Midnight on Sunday 13 March 2016), each Smiletastic needs to run as many of the segments as they can.  At this point, I will allocate points based on ranking each team’s average time across all 5 segments as run by the deadline (fastest average gets 10 points, next gets 8 points etc in total for all 5 segments together).  I will also allocate 5 points for each segment based on the percentage of the team who are on each Strava Leaderboard.


In the second half of March (weeks 11, 12 and 13), everyone in your team needs to try to improve their individual time as shown on the Strava Leaderboards with points awarded at the end to each team for each segment based on the improvement in the team’s average time – this means that whether you are a slow or fast runner, your improvement for each segment counts!  I’ll try to give updates at the end of weeks 11 and 12 so you can see which segments are currently going to which teams!  


At the end of week 13 (Midnight on Sunday 3 April 2016 – and the END of Smiletastic), points will be awarded to the team who made the biggest improvement in their average time for EACH segment. The most improved gets 10 points, next gets 8 points etc for EACH segment - That’s a LOT of points!!


Individual points will also be awarded for improvements for each segment to get an individual winner!


You do not have to tell me when you’ve done a segment, I will get all the information I need from Strava.  (whew!!)



Some notes to help!

•WARNING!!  Now before all those super-fast Smiletastics work out that they can go and jog their way along the segment and leave themselves load of space for improvement, I want you to know that I’M NOT THAT THICK!!  I’ve deliberately chosen segments where there are already loads of Smileys on the Leaderboard!  Sorry!  You need to check in Strava or by using the links on the March Smiletastic page of the website, to see if you’re already on the Leaderboard – and remember not to go fast along that segment until after March 13th or you’re really making things hard for yourself!


•You don’t have to try to get an improved time for all five segments!  I know some Smiletastics will desperately want to (we all know who they are!) – but that won’t suit everyone’s plans, so just do however many YOU want – or don’t do any and just keep to the basic challenge!


•No one needs worry about running slower along segments as Strava will just continue to show their “best” previous time.


•If someone HASN’T run a segment by the end of the first two weeks,  I can’t really see any fair way that they can do the improvement bit for that particular segment.  So sorry, if your name is not on the Strava Leaderboard for a segment by Midnight 13 March, you won’t have any effect on the average time improvement for that segment over the following 3 weeks.


•There are only 5 Smiletastics who live in the Sheffield area who aren’t on at least ONE Strava Leaderboards already.  My advice to them is, get out and do your nearest/most convenient as soon as you can, then see how it goes whether you can fit in any more.  (There are 6 Smiletastics who are on ALL five Leaderboards already!)


•If you’re a newcomer to Strava or think you will find it really difficult to fit in enough runs to do all 5 segments before 13 March, why not pick two or three you can get to fairly easily and concentrate on getting on the Leaderboard by 13 March so you can then concentrate on improving your time for them?  


So that’s it!


Please use Facebook for general questions or clarifications and specific questions to me.






You’ve had two months of Smiletastic training and should be ready now to test how much that has improved your running!  A little while ago, some of you asked about using PBs for points in March and I said I’d think of a way and this is what I’ve come up with….


March Challenge 1  (Available everywhere in the world!)

You can have one individual point for every PB you get in March that can be proved in an official timed run in addition to the usual timed run bonus point – ie.  2 points per timed run performance are now available!  There’s still only ONE event per person per team per week, but this could give the team 2 points if you get a PB. (additional timed runs in a week will go towards individual scores).


o   Parkrun – I think they inform you if it’s a PB, so just forward me the email or whatever they send.  You can claim for each PB – so you could run 5 Park Run PBs during March AND get your team 10 bonus points whilst you do it!!


o   Other distances:  You may be on the UK database of results at  http://www.thepowerof10.info/  .  If you go to your athlete profile page, it will show your PBs and if you get a new one, it should show within a couple of days.  Just email me the link to your athlete page (something like http://www.thepowerof10.info/athletes/profile.aspx?athleteid=281098) and tell me what distance/race/date I’m looking for!


o   Age graded PB.  As you get older (as I’m finding) it’s very much more difficult to PB, so I’m going to allow claims based on Age Grading which both Park run and Power of Ten use.  You can claim for an age grading improvement again by emailing me with a link to the page where I can CLEARLY see it.  Please tell me what distance/race/date I’m looking for!  (It will be something like http://www.parkrun.org.uk/results/athleteresultshistory/?athleteNumber=360319)


o   If you have any other way of proving you have PB’d, please email your claim along with a link so I can check it.


To claim a PB point, please email me by 8:00pm on the Monday after the timed run you are claiming for.  

Links to the March Mad Hare Segments:                                                    




March Smiletastic is 5 weeks long!  I need your pledges for the number of runs and longest run for each week:  29 February, 7 March, 14 March, 21 March and 28 March.  


Please email me your 5 weeks’ pledges by replying to the email sent to you by 8:00pm on 26 February 2016.


**As in February, you can amend your “longest distance” up to midnight on the Sunday

before the week starts, just email me with your request **

Elevation points will continue to be awarded weekly as in February and March.   Sub-zero and Pre 7am/Post 8pm also.


Timed runs bonus points continue – one per week per team to count towards the team’s score.  Please tell me which one you want to count if you do more than one.


Smiletastic finishes at midnight on Sunday 3 April 2016.  All results must be in by 8:00pm on Monday 4  April 2016.  Results will be published as soon as I can after that… but I will need to do some serious checking!!

Your questions answered:


1. There are links to the 5 segments - the Leaderboard is further down the page and you can filter for "Smiley Paces" - on the website at


2. Running the segments can be part of any of your pledged runs, not as additional to them (that would be VERY harsh!)


3. You can do as many as you want in a single run. Strava will pick up our presence and pop you onto the Leaderboard - you don't need to do anything special (except have your watch going!)


4.You can run more than one segment in a single run .... this would open up quite a challenge in itself!!


5. If you come across other Smiletastic 2016 segments you should ignore them - I set up a few, but settled on the published 5. the others are not there to catch you out at some other time...honest!!


Your questions answered.  See further down this page.