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Welcome Smilers to Smiletastic 2019!



There is ONE form that you will use throughout Smiletastic 2019.  Its called the TELL SUE form and is available here:



What to do now!

What I need from you now and by midnight on Sunday 6th January 2019 at the latest, are your pledges for at least the first week of January.  Week 1 starts on Monday January7th and finishes at midnight on Sunday January 13th and in January you need to say how many times you are going to run each week.


There are no penalties for running more than you say, but you will only get 100% of the points if you run all the runs you pledge.  The challenge is to set yourself a number that you REALLY want/intend to do!  It is not in the spirit of the challenge to set yourself the minimum (2 runs) and then running more (that makes you a Sandbagger – not a good thing to be!).  A run should be at least 2 miles but there is no minimum pace – so you can walk it if you want.

You can change your pledges up to midnight on the Sunday immediately before the start of the next week.  Once a week has started you mustn’t change your pledges.  If you don’t set your pledges, or forget, then I will pledge you to do 3 runs.


Go to the TELL SUE form and put your pledges into the appropriate weeks.  Remember to use your unique number… go on!  Have a try!!


Times and deadlines: (use the TELL SUE form)

•Pledges for the following week must be submitted or amended by midnight on the Sunday immediately before the week starts on the TELL SUE form.  You can amend them using the TELL SUE form as many times as you want up to midnight on the Sunday before the week.

•Please try to upload all runs by midnight on the Sunday so the weeks don’t get confused, but I will try and do a double check on the Monday before I release the week’s results.

•All runs that include a Golden Segment must be uploaded to Strava by midnight on Sunday to ensure they are included in the results.  The “This week” list disappears at midnight on Sunday!

•All claims for Bonus Points must be submitted on a TELL SUE claim form by midnight on the Sunday so the weeks don’t get confused.  If you put in a claim after this, it may be put into the following week.

•All claims for Golden Segments that don’t show on your Strava run, must be made by midnight on the Sunday


Missing a deadline, missing data, uploading issues

If you have any problems getting your data into Strava or miss a deadline, please send me an email on [email protected] and I will do my best to put in the information manually.  Please accept it may have to go into the next week if I’ve already done the week’s results.



Sicky Cards: If you are sick, you can claim a sicky card and you’ll get the 100% - but you can only do it twice this year.

Ski-Pass:  This covers the number of runs and the long run – just use the TELL SUE form to tell me the dates to cover.  



Remember you can get additional points and these Bonus points  are available each week – but you MUST claim for them!.


•You can get an individual point for taking part in a timed run: race / parkrun.  Sorry! Orienteering, cycling and any other not-specified-as-just-running races will not count this year. Claim timed run points on the  TELL SUE form

•Your team will receive Team points for the percentage of the team attending the same timed run.

•Marshalling or Officiating at a race counts as attendance.  Claim these on the TELL SUE form

•You can get a point for any ‘run’ (of more than 2 miles) that starts before 7am or FINISHES after 9pm . Claim these on the TELL SUE form

•Segment of the week.  Golden Segments!  Each week a Golden segments will be defined and you can earn points by including it in one of your normal runs.   If you KNOW you ran the segment but it doesn’t show in your Strava record, then you can use the  TELL SUE form to notify me.  Team Points are awarded for the percentage of each team that runs the week’s segment.

•Getting into the spirit points:   You never cease to surprise me…. So go on then…..!  Claim these on the  TELL SUE form