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Smiletastic  2019 RULES

The purpose of Smiletastic is to motivate EVERYONE to run throughout the winter months.  

No one is expected to do any more or less than they would usually do and if following a training plan, should use this for their pledges and only do challenges that fit in with their plans.

 •There are NO points associated with pace or distance – ie.  This is a challenge for ALL abilities and ALL runners at ANY stage of their running career.  

 •There are NO points for winning races or age categories.

 •There ARE points for keeping to your schedule and for doing the long runs you PLAN to do already.

 •There ARE points for running races and/or marshalling races

 •There ARE points for elevation, but as you live in Sheffield…..!

 •There ARE points for doing things with your team and supporting others in your team.

 •There ARE points for getting a PB in a timed run/race (only in March).

 •There ARE points for “Getting into the Smiletastic Spirit” in a variety of ways!


Uploading your runs to Strava:

Once you have registered, the only information I need from you for the basic challenge can be extracted from the Strava without you doing anything more than you would normally do.  However, I would ask that you make every effort to sync your runs by the end of each Sunday and by 9am Monday at the latest so that the new week’s data doesn’t get mixed up with the previous week.


Basic challenge  (individuals need to complete the TELL SUE 2019 google form weekly to make their pledges*)

  Jan:  To complete a pledged number of runs each week (I extract this from the Smiley Paces Strava Club data)

  Feb:  To complete a pledged number of runs and a pledged distance of longest run each week (extracted from Strava)

  March: To complete a pledged number of runs and a pledged distance of longest run each week (extracted from Strava) and for getting PB’s in Timed races, Park Runs and on Strava segments. (Individuals complete the Google form to claim these – honesty accepted!)



•Please accept that there is a minimum of 2 miles for a run (individual honesty for this as I don’t check every Strava post!)

•You should pledge the number of runs you PLAN to do – that’s the whole point of the challenge – and not “play the system” by pledging an easy number of runs, then running more.

•You can change your pledges up to midnight on the Sunday prior to the start of the week the pledges relate to.

•Deadline for pledges /alterations is always midnight on the Sunday prior to start of week.  *Anyone not submitting pledges by the next week’s deadline will be asked to do 3 runs and a long run of 6 miles.



Points are awarded to teams and individual for running uphills! This is worked out at Feet Per mile both for individuals and for teams (I extract this from Strava data)


Weekly Bonus points will be awarded for:  

•Taking part in a timed run: race / parkrun. No orienteering or obstacle course races or similar to count (Individuals complete the TELL SUE 2019 Google form to claim these – honesty accepted!)

•Team points for mass attendance at races – as last year.  The team points will be awarded once a given number of individuals have claimed for taking part.  

•Going on a run that starts before 7am or finishing after 9pm. (Individuals complete the TELL SUE 2019 Google form to claim these – honesty accepted!)

•NEW!  a Community Focused bonus will be made available during the challenge … more information to follow!!


Sicky card:

2 per person – one up from last year!

If you claim a Sicky Card (Only claim it at the end of the week when you KNOW you’re not going to get better and/or get your runs done) you will get credited with the pledged Number of Runs but nothing else.  You can still claim bonuses when you are using a Sicky Card. Sicky Cards HAVE to be claimed on the TELL SUE 2019 Google form not by email.  Remember, at any time, you can WALK a run, provided it is on Strava as a run (Then it goes into our Strava Club)


Run a Golden Segment*:  (I extract this from Strava data)

•Every week 1 Strava Segment will be defined that can earn extra points (I will use one’s I’ve already set up or know about).  

•Individuals need to run them and the points will be awarded for the percentage of each team who get on the Strava “this week” table.  

•If someone has not uploaded their run by the given time then they will not count – any run that includes the segment MUST upload by 11.59pm Sunday as the “this week” table disappears at Midnight Sunday which caused issues last year.


Added points for Getting into the Smiletastic Spirit:

•Post Photos or other evidence of a team (at least 4 members) action which reflects commitment to the spirit of the challenge n the Smiletastic Facebook Page.  

•Individual “Getting into the spirit” discretionary points available – depending on how much you make me laugh!!  Again, post on Smiletastic Facebook Page.


Additional Challenges

•I will try and set these as often as I can think of them with at least one team based each month wherever possible.

•Depending on the nature of the challenge, I will either ask for one team member to notify me of the team’s efforts or will require individuals to use the TELL SUE 2019 Google form to claim – or a combination of both.



•New ones based on COLD CREATURES  (Jane Naylor’s decision) of at least 10 Smilers each.  Sorted, based on what I can find out about each Smiler. I will ask for “would like to be with” on the registration form as last year and do my best!  

•I will nominate a “Local Ear” for each team so that I have someone to contact (or to contact me) if I need.


Far Away and Distance Smilers

Smiley Pacers can join a team from a distance, but must accept that there may be some things they will find it difficult to do – sorry!  We’ve had a few each year and they’ve enjoyed earning additional points through means fair and foul!



•January:  Monday 7th January to Sunday 3rd February (4 weeks)

•February:  Monday 4th February to Sunday 3rd March (4 weeks)

•March:  Monday 4th March to Sunday 31st March (4 weeks)


Drop out

•Drop Out is not allowed.   It changes the results far too much and its part of running to accept that you CAN be ill/injured or have circumstances that make it difficult to get out running.  Part of the principle of Smiletastic is that teams support each other… Smiletastic is never going to be Winning at all costs!  

•Walking IS allowed providing it is recorded in Strava as a run and pledges of number of runs and distances can be edited up to the Sunday before the start of the week – so can be reduced!

•Non running Smilers CAN earn points from Bonuses as there are no distance restrictions for most challenges.