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Fartleking and Intervals help improve your speed work and your cardiovascular system by training your legs to turn over quicker and your heart beat faster than you would normally do during your everyday running.


We have found a few areas where we have blocks of roads providing a range of distances – from 400m to about 1km – that are appropriate for groups to work together.  


The usual plan is to divide into about four pace groups and warm up with a slowish run to the area, then to run around the group's specific block a set number of times, recovering between each lap, trying to maintain the same level of intensity for each (intervals).


Intervals don't suit everyone and we usually have at least one group who use the session to do fartleking (speed play) instead, taking sections of their block for running at a high intensity and other sections at a gentle jog, but with little of no recovery time.  This helps beginners, those coming back from injury and those who prefer fartleking to intervals, to do speed work effectively.