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•To get Mileage Points, you MUST complete a Google form which tells me how far your run was.  You only need to do this when your run is long enough to earn the points  eg. Seven Swans a Swimming earns 7 mileage points if it’s done during a run of 7 miles or more.  If the run is less than 7 miles you only get the automatic segment points.  I will email all Smiley members with a number that is unique to you (its the same as use for Smiley Mileys just to keep it easy!) that you'll need to use on the form .


•As this is a challenge set at the time of year when folk are at their daftest, I am prepared to award bonus points for evidence showing you have entered into the spirit of the challenge….. over to you….!


Completing the challenge  points:

•  If you get on ALL of the segments at least once, you will earn an extra 40 points


Extra Rules (because I know there will be some of you who will ask….)

•  You CAN earn points from more than one segments on the same run.  

•  NO, I will not allow more than one lot of mileage points on the same run (eg. If you ran the Two Turtle Doves and the Ten Lord a Leaping on the same 10+ mile run, I will only allow you to have the 10 mileage points for the Lords).  However,  you do need to make sure that you click on the right / highest scoring segment on the form to tell me.

•  No runs count until 17 November!

•  Go on then.... 50 points for doing the whole lot in one go!!


CLICK HERE to go to the twelve Segment Descriptions


You all know my email address, so email

or message me if you have any questions

or need clarification.


Happy running!

For many runners this is the easiest period of the year; post-Autumn races and pre-Spring training (get ready for Smiletastic 2017).  It’s the time when you can indulge yourself in some fun running.  So this is an individual challenge which should give you something to have fun and focus on as an excuse for getting out of preparing for Christmas.  It is NOT intended as a "motivation to run" challenge so there are no teams - though there’s nothing stopping you doing it with other people or your family and no pace restrictions. You don’t even HAVE to run it!  Walk, run, skip, jog, hop, crawl…  As long as its on Strava  as a run it will count..


The challenge lasts from 17 November to 21 December and finishes at the Christmas Games on

Thursday 22 December (bonus points available at this annual event)

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